Best Meal at Kimball

I’ve yet to talk about food on the Hill, so let’s start off strong. This might be a hot take for my Crusaders out there, but I argue that the best meal at Holy Cross’ dining hall, Kimball, is breakfast. I’m more of a brunch person myself, but breakfast at Kimball is just how it goes during the week. They basically have anything you could want for breakfast, and you must use the delicious food you’re given.

During my first year at Holy Cross, I heard about the infamous omelette station, but it’s been closed for several reasons. However…this semester it was reborn. I must’ve been out of the loop because I didn’t even know it was open until weeks into this marvelous rebirth, but glory to whoever told me about it.

Every Tuesday-Thursday before class, some friends and I meet up on the omelette line and fill up a cup with our desired components. I gently slide it over to the angel working the station at the time, and in minutes the oozy, gooey, cheezy, delicious (I’ll stop) omelette rests on my plate. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

What’s your go-to omelette order? And do you take it with cheese? I’m sure you’d find something quite enjoyable without leaving campus.

Any questions about food on campus? Reach out!

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