A Local Girl from NYC’s First Football Game

Coming from a super small all-girls school in the center of New York City, I definitely never experienced any sports atmosphere, especially not football. So, when it came to the first football game of the season, I couldn’t wait. It was my first football game ever, shocking to some of my friends here, but it was worth waiting for.

Holy Cross students at a Football Game
Enjoying the Football Game! (Alexandra, Kathyrn, Liz, Libby, Shane)
First off, the Holy Cross Football Team gets hype (!) and does super well. My football knowledge is limited, and I did indeed learn the subtitles of scoring works after the game ended. Nonetheless, it’s a great time. Screaming “Go Crusaders!” on the top of our lungs and sitting on the edge of our seats with seconds left in the quarter.

Needless to say, they didn’t win the first game I went to, but it was a great experience for my friends and me. It also doubled as homecoming weekend. So many of the alumni, young and old, came back home, and we all were in a perfect moment together. This is another thing that really set in for me that I was in the right place. And, hopefully, in a few years from now, I too would be back cheering on and with the future of Holy Cross.

We also have an outstanding professional hype team! The Marching Band, Cheerleaders, Dance Team, and the incredible Baton Twirler! It’s certainly impressive, and that is a reason in itself to come to a game!
I’m certainly glad I didn’t experience that in high school (Unpopular opinion?) because I wouldn’t have imagined a better way to get acclimated to campus and get to know my new friends. But, for now, there aren’t any more home games. And, as I’m writing this, Holy Cross won their third consecutive Patriot League Championship! Go Crusaders!