Record-Breaking Chills on the Hill

If you’re from the New England area, or rather most places in the US right now, you probably experienced the record breaking cold last weekend. And, for us Crusaders, it was pretty cold given how windy it gets on the Hill. Either way, after our Friday classes ended, we made our way back to the dorms and settled in the warmth. 

It’s different for every one of us, but I thought it’d be fun to share what’s going on when there’s really “nothing” going on. While freshman year dorm assignments are great in itself, allowing people to meet new people and form groups via Montserrat and Orientation groups, you can choose who you live with and where you live in the years following. I definitely jumped on this, because I had great friends that would basically take up an entire Healy floor. And, good thing we jumped on snagging a room in Healy because it’s arguably the most convenient of all the dorms on campus.

My neighbor, Audrey, and I chilling in her room.

While it might not be as exciting for you to read about it, as it is for me to write about it, there’s no wrong in giving you a taste of even the coldest days on campus. On Friday, my friends and I came into one of our dorms, and we debriefed the previous academic week and talked about some things we’d love to do with our time in the dorm – because there was NO chance we were leaving! We watched Top-Gun and Top-Gun: Maverick because who can’t get enough of Tom Cruise? We can’t, that’s for sure! 

It was “warming up” on Saturday, so naturally we hit up the library so we could get some things off our shoulders. I don’t like to push myself every single day, but a little could go a long way on the weekends. After we grinded out a couple hours of work in the Debate Room of Dinand, we came back and put some comfy sweatpants on to do a fun karaoke night. Of course, it was the entire Hamilton soundtrack. If you don’t know at least My Shot, what are you doing? It’s okay, though, we’re here to get through the score together! 

Hoval. 11pm. (Probably) Felt like < -41 degrees

After indulging in copious amounts of Earl Grey and popcorn, it was a successful weekend, even amid record-breaking cold temperatures. Now, the temperature is coming up and it’s beautiful on the Hill. For now.

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