Sophomore Spring: “Realistic” Academic Goals

Sophomore Spring. I already like the sound of that. You already got a taste of what the spring semester might look like for me; but, I have some very realistic academic goals I would like to share with you all. 

Things are going to start looking different around here. You know, because I’m about to turn all philosophical on you. My first realistic goal is to be more philosophical this semester. And by this I mean I’m taking my first philosophy class at the college: Metaphysics. Yea, scary. But, hey, I really just want to start spitting out some Aristotle and Descartes, no big deal. It’s realistic, if you ask me.

As I’m becoming philosophical in my own way, you should expect that I’ll be referencing the Constitution and political ideology thanks to taking a shot in my first political science class on American Government and Politics (only after watching The West Wing, of course). I already spit out Hamilton lyrics without command, so what’s the difference?

While I’m becoming more philosophical and political, I plan on pursuing all my other endeavors in the form of eloquent Latin poetry, such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the Greek text of Lysias with some of my very best friends.

If you know me, you know I’m working on my humor. And, all bad jokes aside, I am so excited for my classes this semester. Although it’s always hard to get out of comfort during break, I miss the energy during a busy semester. And, as you know, I love taking academics seriously and challenging myself, so here goes nothing.

By the way, I plan on completing all these goals among others. So, be prepared.

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