My First Taste of Home Off of the Hill: Jesuit Edition

‘Twas the night before Holy Cross Freshman move-in day 2021…

After the ride up to Worcester, I began to relax, full of so many emotions: excitement and nerves. Suppose the thought of moving into college for the first time wasn’t scary enough. How about accidentally running into nearly all of the Jesuit community at dinner the day before move-in?

You read that correctly, I unintentionally met the Jesuits at Holy Cross, and it’s most definitely a highlight of my freshman year, even before stepping onto campus as a student. At dinner before the big day, my waitress mentioned that the large table in front of us were the Jesuits from Holy Cross. Definitely a coincidence! What are the odds?

Alexandra Berardelli, College of the Holy Cross, Move-In Day 2021
Move-In Day 2021

Anyway, I went up and introduced myself. I felt so much love, excitement, and already a warm welcome into the community. (Even from my future Latin professor, whose class I would soon find myself in!) They said this was their last celebration since “It was the calm before the storm,” or when all the fresh faces of students would revive the campus for the first time in a couple of months.

If this wasn’t a sign that I was going to the right place, I don’t know what was. I’ve always adored the Jesuits, their mission, and their commitment to the community. It is an integral part of what I wanted to get out of my college experience. This warm welcome I unexpectedly found helped me release any lingering fears and enjoy my move-in experience.

This was a blessing in disguise. Since this fantastic meeting, I’ve never felt more welcome. Of course, the Jesuit community and its values are one part of the broader picture of Holy Cross, but I’m a firm believer that it truly makes a difference in our home.

So, I’m glad I bumped into them; maybe I’ll be sitting at their (Jesu)lit table next time.


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